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Droid Burns itself up at over 230 degrees

verizon (deleted inappropriate content per VZW ToS).

they tie you in to a two year contract and do not support hardware for that period, even if you get an insurance plan.

My droid burned itself up at temperatures of over 230 degrees.

Their solution? Pay $700 for a new one because they don't support my model, even though I bought it from them less than a year ago months ago.

Verizon is (deleted), their customer service is (deleted). I filed a BBB complaint.

In the complaint I mentioned that they were doing R&D at the expense of their consumers and that my phone burned up.

Their solution?

They tried to CALL ME over and over, would not respond to email (cause it is legally binding and traceable) and claimed I was not reachable. Despite the fact that I explained MY PHONE BURNED UP.

They told me that they would give me a new phone if I retracted the complaint. When I did, they said, "oh, we meant you could be eligible for an upgrade, which I find out is around $300"

(Deleted content) criminals. Just putting the word out there.

Don't believe them. They lie shamelessly, put fake extra service fees that they cannot explain on the bill, pass you around to "managers" that are just other employees, and they purposely under educate said employees so that there can be no resolution, because the people you need to mediate through are (deleted). (sorry that is an insult to (deleted))

My next filing is with the California department of consumer affairs.

Avoid them if at all possible.

P.s. their network is (deleted), and they try to limit tethering so that you cannot use their unlimited data plan in a way that is convenient without also purchasing more hardware. And the CEO wants to monopolize even more. Hey, how about giving decent customer service to the clients you have before trying to conquer the world, Ivan the Terrible.

Just google "verizon employee comments and complaints". They are no happier working for the company, and a frequent comment is that verizon management makes no secret of their disdain for their customers.

If enough people leave and go somewhere else, like cricket or something, maybe they will begin to care. I personally am going to just keep filing consumer complaint suits, and I suggest you do the same.

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Re: Droid Burns itself up at over 230 degrees
Sr. Leader

like with any carrier?  You can find complaints like this all over...

Anyway...  The Droid 2 is over 2 years old even if you bought it a little over a year ago.  It has to be your battery, or it has to be an you have installed locking up.  The device is no longer in production so how could they do R&D? 

Droid Burns itself up at over 230 degrees

Why is the world would you let your phone reach 230 degrees F?  Not much survives at those temps.  The battery alone shouldn't be exposed to temperature above 140 degree F.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Droid Burns itself up at over 230 degrees

I suggest purchasing a phone on ebay until you can upgrade.