Droid Charge a non-starter?
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Anyone have any ideas why the Charge will have half a battery of juice left when I turn it off at night and when I try to turn it on in the AM, apparently doesn't have enough to turn on?  I say apparently, becuase when I plug in the charger, it starts up showing the battery icon with no green at all.

It doesn't do this every day, but probably 1-2 times every 10 days.

Re: Droid Charge a non-starter?
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could be a bad battery.  have you tried calibrating the battery stats yet?

Re: Droid Charge a non-starter?
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Hi, elvisruns-

I know a drained battery can hamper your morning routine! Depending on the data connectivity during the late evening hours and the amount of battery life left, the device may be completely dead come morning. Do you have automatic updates through the night? Like Facebook, Twitter, Google Play, Gmail, etc? There is a power saving option under Settings>Display that the device may benefit from. You can also disable data overnight, so the battery doesn't strain, but you can continue to get important calls and text messages. Keep me posted if this information helps improve your experience.

Thank you,
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