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Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

I'd love to hear from Verizon or Samsung with a definite answer on this, but will the Droid Charge ever get ICS? Or for that matter Jellybean? I can't help but feel like this device was seemingly abandoned shortly after launch. Outside of the update to Gingerbread and the recent bug fix, we're now 2 full Android releases behind, while even the Nexus S has even been updated to Jellybean (the Nexus S being six months older than the Charge).

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Re: Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

i doubt it. i'm in the same boat with the thunderbolt, and HTC actually announced that the thunderbolt WOULD get ICS. that was supposed to happen in July though, so at this point, i don't believe the charge or tbolt will get ICS and there's no way they'll get jellybean. the nexus line always gets the latest releases. this is why so many hard core android fans only get a nexus.

Re: Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

i really hope we'll get a new update soon.. the fp5 just made the phone even more of a brick.

Re: Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

probably not, found this on Android Authority website:

"But when talking about a phone launched in May 2011 with Froyo on-board, it’s pretty obvious that an ICS upgrade would be out of the question.Samsung’s Droid Charge unfortunately met those expectations. The device was left out of the Android 4.0 upgrade mix,"

I am getting rid of it as soon as i am eligible for an upgrade

Re: Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

ICS requires 1GB of RAM to operate.  The Charge only has 512MB.  Also, ICS works best on dual-core phones.  The Charge only has a single core, so it wouldn't be optimum.  The Charge just doesn't have the hardware to work with ICS or JB.  <Comment removed to comply with the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.> With the phone approaching 2 years in age, it's not on Samsung or Verizon's list of getting the latest support.  Honestly, we should be impressed that the last bug fix update was even made.

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Re: Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

Ice Cream sandwich does not require 1GB of RAM:

"256MB RAM or More

and also decent GPU

Hardware-accelerated 2D drawing might be needed, 2D acceleration depends on your phone GPU not the CPU so, there’s no problem if your smartphone still powered with ARMv6."

Source 1, Source 2

Also you can run Jelly Bean on the Original Droid which has worse specs than the Droid Charge. Source

Chances of the Droid Charge seeing any sort of update to the newer versions are highly unlikely. Reason being the Droid Charge was already neutered when it launched. It has been forgotten by Verizon and Samsung. The only way you will see an update is not allowed to be discussed on this forum, but those chances are diminishing since most of the people that were working on it have left for greener pastures.

Re: Droid Charge ever getting new OS?

This is BXXX XXXt you have a product that you sold that isn't getting updates and no one seems to care.  All you do is produce new models and don't take care of the customers that are paying you a small monthly fortune. 

It is time for all Verizon Samsung Charge customers to demand resolution to the lack of updates!

Explain to me how & why I am on do not call lists and constantly receive, & what as a provider are you doing about it "its simple not a damm thing!