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Droid Constantly Restarting and NO network Connection

So I have no idea how this started, but just today my phone started the dreaded constant reboot issue. But unlike the other time I experienced this with my previous droid I also lost all network connection on my phone. I've done a cache wipe through the recovery menu, but that didn't change anything, it still reboots. I've gone into SAFE MODE, still reboots. I have no other ideas! I really don't care if the phone ever works again all I want to do is to recover the pictures of my daughter that I have on this phone, and no they weren't saved to the external flash drive like I assumed they would be, for some freaking reason they are all on the internal storage, which I can currently access for about 4 minutes including boot time so really about 2, so needless to say I've been able to get about half of the files I would like before it reboots over and over again. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. And no since I'm trying to save my files I'm not wanting to do a return to factory default, that is a truly last resort. Please give me any ideas you can think of, either to save my photos or where this problem might come from.


Re: Droid Constantly Restarting and NO network Connection

Had the same thing happen to my phone after the Jelly Bean update. Wound up having to send phone in to Motorola to get fixed. Just got it back today after over 2 weeks. It has been a nightmare. Motorola won't replace your phone - they insist on "fixing" it. Spent a month in e-mail debates with them before they finally allowed me to send it in for repairs.

As far as your pics, you just have to keep trying in between reboots to transfer to your computer. I had 436 Mb to transfer and eventually got them saved. I can completely understand your frustration. Hope it works out for you. Good luck!