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I have been told by some Verizon people that I can fax from my Droid and to my Droid. But I've been unable to get the details. Does anyone have expeirence doing this, without using eFax or Mbox or some other subscription service. If I have that subscription service, which I do not, then I don't need to fax from my Droid. Also, if I figure out how to receive a fax on my Droid, I need the option of putting it on my computer (not sending to another fax to print since I don't have another fax).

I hope someone can help.


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I imagine they are talking about visual voicemail.  I don't see an app for faxes in the market except for what you already mentioned.  Google voice may do it but you have to wait for an invitation and there appears to be a visual voice mail for free in the market but I don't know if it will show up or if it will do what you want. 

Re: Droid Faxing

  I have just downloaded a service for visual voice mail.  So far, so good.   It is called phonefusion voicemail.


  I was having problems with Verizons visual and got no real help via their support.  I got htis FREE app.  They even offer a dedicated fax number for $1.50 a month unlimited.


  To answer your question directly.  You can receive faxes to your Droid.  Then simply send to your email account and print off.


  Verizon is for some reason unknown, not willing to let our phones communicate with computers or printers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, which is strange, and not really very customer friendly, so we HAVE  to resort to outside sources.


  hope it helps.