Droid Incredible 4G Wont make calls

I am experiencing a painfully frustrating delay everytime I try to make a call. I will dial the number and hit call.,..nothing happens.  I will select the contact from the list....nothing happens.  I will hit the call button to redial the last call....nothing happens.  then finally after 2-5 minutes, the phone will suddenly spring to life and make the call. And if I tried to make the call several times, it makes several calls all at once to the same person. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you fix it? I've already done a factory reset and it keeps happening.

Re: Droid Incredible 4G Wont make calls
Customer Service Rep

Hello, mib67

This seems to be odd, that you are still having even after you done a factory resest. How long has this problem been going on? Do you have a lot of 3rd party apps on the phone? Another question I have is, how long have you had the device? Is there any physical or liquid damage to the device? Also, have you tried to remove the sim card and place it back into the device? http://vz.to/Nbru3z Please keep me posted.


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