Droid Incredible keeps deleting all of my photos.
My Droid Incredible keeps deleting my photos. Every time I take a picture, a little later it will be deleted. What should I do to stop this from happening? Thanks.
Re: Droid Incredible keeps deleting all of my photos.

Last time I checked with customer care/tech support, they weren't able to tell me why. 

Mine did the same thing a few times last year.

I got my CPO Incredible around Feb 2011, set my photos to be saved to the SD card, and a few weeks later I noticed pictures of my kids had been replaced by gray or black boxes. Every time I called customer care, I was told to do a factory restore. The first time it happened, the rep led me through the steps but forgot to remind me to back up my data so my remaining pics were lost Smiley Sad I didn't think about it at the time either because I just wanted to know why pictures I'd taken of my children were disappearing. I thought it was an issue with the card so I removed it, but the same thing continued to happen.

After about the 5th time of reporting this problem and restoring my device, I gave up and made sure I uploaded my pics on my computer every week. Customer service wasn't even trying to offer another solution other than restoring my phone.

In November, I got a replacement device from asurion after my original Incredible's screen cracked; I'm used the same 4gb microSD card up until last week when I got a 16gb- so far, I haven't noticed any missing photos. Then again, I don't use the camera on this device much after the issues with my first one.

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Okay so I spoke too soon... It's 3:15am and my photos ARE disappearing -_-