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Droid X button Problems

Two days ago most of the buttons on my Droid X stopped working.  These buttons don't work...volume down, back, search, properties.  Last night out of the blue they started working again but now this morning they are not working again.  Went into the Verizon store, they checked the software and said everything was fine, I don't have any updates to run.  Seems like if this was a physical problem with the buttons that they would just be broken, not work one day, not the next and they work again.  Also tried an app that has vertual buttons and those buttons don't work either so seems like a software thing to me.

Re: Droid X button Problems
Customer Support

Hi swansontkd,

I want your phone to work all of the time, not just sometimes! From what you describe, a soft reset or a master reset may resolve the issue for you. The soft reset will not allow you to lose your data, but if performing a master reset, please back up your data on a PC first. Below are the steps for both the soft reset and the master reset. Please first try the soft reset, then monitor the device. Then, if that doesn't work for you, please try the master reset.

Soft Reset:

Master Reset:

Please post back with your results. Thanks very much!

Christina B
VZW Support
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