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Droid X can't make/receive calls/texts from home

I've been experiencing problems with my phone for about 2 days now. I can't use it to make calls or texts and I don't get any from anyone either. If I literally drive 2 miles down the road, the phone works. I've tried to reset it using *228 and update the roaming settings. I've taken the battery out while the phone is on, and even manually powered it down, but nothing works. The phone shows I have full signal strength until I actually make a call, then the bars disappear and the call never connects. The same thing happens when I try to send a text; it just never sends. I can connect to the internet, so there's no problems there. I appreciate any help.

Re: Droid X can't make/receive calls/texts from home

perhaps a tower is down, troublesome if you live in a fringe service area.

Re: Droid X can't make/receive calls/texts from home
Verizon Employee

Hello chinesesnowplow

Wow! That's very upsetting not being able to call or text from your home. Let's get to the bottom of this immediately.

Are you still experiencing the issue? Are there any other devices having this same problem in your home? Did this start after a particular application was downloaded? Please place the device in airplane mode. Go to Menu> Settings> Wireless & network settings> then check mark airplane mode until the signal changes. Then uncheck airplane mode and retest.

Please let me know if this helps, if not I would be glad to further troubleshoot with you.

Thank you


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