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Droid X crashes - restarts randomly - slow

Bought it when it first came out spent $300 bucks on it. Had problems since then, ended up getting a replacement recently and it was just as bad, i should have just burnt the $50 i spent. I call Verizon to turn off my service at this point i was too annoyed and frustrated with the phone to even keep the service. The first representative i talked to said that instead of turning off my service she could send me a new phone ( with a new 24 month contract) and keep my service connected. That was a good option for me and i was going to accept the offer, While on hold waiting for the Representative to get back my phone decided it would restart. I spent the next two days trying to get my phone to hold enough charge to where it would turn on. Finally call Verizon back and the new representative tells me that i need to pay a $50 fee to even get a replacement phone and then the phone i can get is one i don't even want. On top of that i called Verizon this morning and the representative told me they would have to charge me for (TODAY) because i didn't cancel my account, when i explained to the lady i had called a few days earlier and my phone ( the reason i am calling in the first place) shut of and wouldn't turn back on for 2 days,  she said oh well we have to charge you for today..

So let me get this right ... Verizon would rather me cancel my service and stop paying you guys monthly when i have been a customer for over 7 years.

i will, WILL post this exact statement on every review board, Facebook,twitter and anything else i can get the public to read.

sincerely 7 year customer who cut his service today over u guys making a low $50 one time fee.

>> Edited to remove profanity <<

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Re: Droid X crashes - restarts randomly - slow

My phone does this a lot and tried to get it replace with no avail. It was still under a year old and the tech told me how to bring it up in protected mode but it didn't allow me to use all the apps that were installed. I don't understand why you could have all of these capabilities but not able to use them.