Droid X + multitude of issues = frustrating psychological experiment


My whole family got Droid Xes two years ago, after reading the great reviews after it came out. We really wanted to love this phone and, at first we did. We have all had major issues with it, however, but I've had the most (even after getting Verizon to replace it; subsequent visits to the Verizon store only resulted in being told to delete cache, which I do to no avail. I've also tried factory-resetting it - seems to have no effect on the phone's issues.):

Currently, my phone does the following:

  • IF it allows me to try to call someone (not guaranteed), it takes up to (at least) 4 hours to do so with no indication of when it is going to do so. Sometimes calls don't ever go through. Other times, my phone calls people while I'm on the phone with them because the call finally (after minutes/hours) has gone though. I often end up leaving accidental voicemail messages because the phone will call them while I'm on the other line with the same person.
  • When I receive phone calls, it either:
    • Goes straight to missed call
    • Tells the caller that the phone number is not valid or discontinued
    • Rings but doesn't display either the screen that allows you to press buttons or the buttons themselves (the gradient background is there but no buttons)
    • Allows me to press "Accept" and shows that I do but immediately says "Call ended"
      • I suspect that by this point the other person has already hung up but my phone didn't realize it because I held both my cell and my housephone in my hands once while someone called my cell then hung up and called the house. Both were ringing at the same time even though the person had already stopped trying to call my cell and called the house number instead.
  • Speakerphone used to work but now when I use it, it takes my voice to a whisper for some reason, even if I yell.
  • Battery
    • The battery meter is now a joke. It generally freaks out at "15%" then immediately after I plug it in, it says it's at 60%, which obviously cannot be true as I have not discovered the magic secret for an instant boost of that much power. I wish I had. Needless to say, the battery doesn't last long, whether it's the extended or original battery.
  • Cache
    • Per the Verizon store support instructions, I installed Apps2SD and delete cache frequently. This doesn't seem to really affect the phone much in terms of lag, etc. but I do it anyways because it's better than nothing (or not doing it).
  • Lag
    • The phone becomes super slow, with lots of lag and delayed indications (of whether a button is pressed, sound indicators after visual notifications are also lagged by several full seconds) even after deleting cache, restarting, resetting the battery, etc.
  • Signal
    • Signal comes and goes in the same locations with the same weather.
  • Restarts
    • The phone restarts itself several times a day. Sometimes it doesn't even fully restart, it just gets into a restart loop at the creepy eye.
  • Typing! and voice-to-text is not guaranteed, no matter what keyboard I use (or disabling/enabling autocorrect).
    • Sometimes it works and allows me to type. Generally, it doesn't.
    • It may see that I'm typing, it will sometimes even bring up the suggestions but nothing will show up in the input box. This happens almost every time I try to type, whether it's in an email, for a text, or in the browser.
    • Rarely, I can work around it by pasting something into the box then deleting but that doesn't always work (and needs the foresight of having a short message copied already - not always feasible when you've just waited 10 minutes for it to stop restarting so you can see if it will let you finish typing).
    • Note that being able to start a message is no guarantee that it will allow me to finish a message.
  • Text Messaging (these issues are also the main ones my family has with their Droid Xes)
    • Send
      • Sometimes it puts a message I'm trying to send in limbo but the other person does get it and replies
      • That's IF it actually sends the message.
      • When the phone restarts (about 2-10 times daily), it resends messages it deems to be in limbo.
      • My friends tell me they receive my texts multiple times.
    • Receive
      • I receive most messages anywhere between 1 (rarely just the once) and 28 times (I stopped counting after 28 so who knows).
      • That is, IF I receive the message.  Again, like everything it seems with this phone, not guaranteed. Says it was sent on my friend's phone but did not show up on mine.
  • I'm certain I'm missing other issues that I forgot at this moment.

Basically, I'm tired of having (and paying for!) a crappy experience. My "smart"phone has become a frustrating psychological experiment. I think it's winning. I'm hoping to get some help here (unsure exactly as to what anyone could help with - I'ld like a new phone, preferably one that works as promised). My sister has already jumped ship and moved to T-Mobile. My family is thinking of doing the same, I'ld prefer not to but with these issues and being told to just delete cache, I'm thinking of doing the same.

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Re: Droid X multitude of issues = frustrating psychological experiment
Customer Service Rep

Wow maria321! It sounds like you have done quite a lot of homework with your device here! I am very sorry to hear all of the issues that you have with it. Honestly, I am a bit shocked to hear that everything listed is a continuous problem. We want you to have the best experience with our network possible. I have followed you and if you would please follow back and DM me, we can work further. We can work through our options and see what works. Thanks!


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