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Droid X with Failed Screen: Transferring Data and Clearing Old Phone

Greetings all,

The screen on my Droid X died over the weekend. The phone itself still works,  I can make and receive calls via the bluetooth built into my car. But can't see texts, see missed calls, check voicemail. etc.

I got a replacment Droid off Ebay, and went in to the Verizon store to have everything transferred. I was told that call history can't be moved, that text messeges can't be moved, and that without the screen working, the old unit can not be reset to factory default for me to be able to Ebay it for parts and at least get $30 or $40 for it.

The reason I'm posting here is that the Verizon employee telling me all this was some zit-faced high school kid who sounded really nervous talking to me, like it was his fisrt day working there. So I'm not convinced that he knew what he was talking about.

Is there actually a way to move that information over to a new phone of the same type?

Re: Droid X with Failed Screen: Transferring Data and Clearing Old Phone
Sr. Leader

Did you get a Droid X as a your Replacement Phone? An things that you have on you SD Card in your X that has a Dead Screen can be put in the one you got off Ebay Just remember to Un-Mount the Card them Mount the card but don't Format it as will still have your Stuff on it Now if you have your Contacts Set up with your Google Account they can be Transferred to the phone you Bought on Ebay. Once you put your Google Account in your New phone an once things are done you can have your local store Flash your old one. Flashing it will Factory Reset that old Phone.

With your phone that has the dead Screen you might call Motorola an ask if you could send it in an have the Display replaced if the rest of the phone works good a new screen for it you would have a great back up Phone...

Re: Droid X with Failed Screen: Transferring Data and Clearing Old Phone
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

You can install the app I posted at and use the device screen image as a reference to move through menus or simply use the free option to backup the data and transfer to other device, should work without screen working.