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Droid X2 Won't turn on twice in a row.

Hello everybody, maybe a year ago my phone (Droid x2) was completely submerged in water (as was I) for maybe 30 seconds. When I got out of the water I took the battery out and let it dry. When I got home I put in in rice for a few days and tried to turn it on and got only a green light. I left it in the rice and forgot about it for a couple months. When I found it again I turned it on, just to see, and to my surprise it worked! Perfectly! Camera, Speakers, Microphone, everything. Then I turned it off and when I tried to turn it back on, I got only the green light. Since then it's kinda worked like this... The longer I wait to turn it on, the closer it gets to working. If I wait a real long time, everythings perfect, if i dont wait as long it'll get stuck at the Motorola logo screen and say "Modem did not start (0)". If I try relatively soon after turning it on I just geet the green light. I know that it isnt the battery because this will happen regardless of whether or not i use the battery to turn it on, I have a spare battery ive used too. Does anybody havee any ideas as to what might be wrong with it, or what I should do to try to fix it, if fixable?

     Thanks you guys,


Re: Droid X2 Won't turn on twice in a row.
Customer Support

Hello Gkvzw
That's a tough one! Let's review your options. I have had the same results with a different device. If you have insurance I would recommend filing a claim here: 
If insurance isn't an option you could purchase a certified preowned device. See them here:

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