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Ive had my Droid X2 for about a year. Was charging fine today until about an hour ago. Wont charge while plugged in, when i turn it off and plug it in, a giant question mark shows up on the screen. Any help??? anyone??

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Yikes jmart51! Let's find a way to get that phone back to the way it's been for the past year. The first thing I want to start with is removing the battery http://bit.ly/IJjdKI and checking to make sure the battery looks OK. Check for any damage, corrosion, or swelling in the battery. If it looks good, put the battery back in and see if the phone charges. Also, if possible, try other Motorola chargers. Preferably a home wall charger, since a car charger or USB through a computer may not provide the device with the best charge. Also, make sure the chargers you are using are for the Droid X2, and not for a Bluetooth headset or from a third party.

If the trouble continues, please bring your phone, battery, and chargers into a Verizon Wireless store http://bit.ly/3SdsA for a hands-on evaluation. We'll find out the next best step for you.

Thank you

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