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Droid X2 no network connection. Please help.

Greetings and thanks in advanced for helping with this
situation. I’m currently using a Droid X2 and I cannot connect to the phone net
work. My wife’s Samsung Galaxy is having no issue at all. I’ve tried every one
of the steps from customer service: safe mode, reboot, factory reset, take the
battery out, and restarting the phone. I truly believe the X2’s are just faulty
by nature.

I had a Droid X and due to a software issue disabling the
GPS Verizon upgraded me to the X2. I really loved the X as it was a solid and
dependable phone. But the X2 I’m currently having issues with is my 5th
“like new certified” phone Verizon has sent me. Now the issue I’m having is I cannot
even make a basic call. I am beyond frustrated and while I know Verizon doesn’t
make the phone I would like a little more help than, “Sorry sir, we’ll ship you
a like new replacement.” I’m tired of spending my gas money to drive to the
post office to ship back defective phones. Oh, the other brilliant solution I
was given: “Sir if you are unhappy with our service you can just cancel your
service with us.”  I’ve been a Verizon
customer for 8 years now and never before now have I been treated so poorly. One
bright point to this is one tech support rep “Greg” was very supportive and
went out of his way to help me.

Again I understand that Verizon doesn’t make the X2, I truly
get that, all I want is a phone that works, makes and receives phone calls. I don’t
want to cancel my service. Maybe I’m too loyal, but I refuse to believe that
after 8 years I mean so little to this company. There has got to be somebody in
this company that can help get me a phone that actually works, and please stop
sending out defective phones.

Re: Droid X2 no network connection. Please help.

Three weeks ago, or so, my Bionic started having the same problem.  I tried everything a network/software geek like myself could think of.  Then I called tech support, wasted time with tier one for an hour, then was passed off to tier two.

They put their finger on it right away.  The most recent OS update caused the problem for all the bionics.  There is no fix, but to replace the phone.  They did, at no charge, with a reconditioned Razr.  I'm good with that and I like the new phone.

Re: Droid X2 no network connection. Please help.

Just  a quick update:

I just got off the phone with tech support, they too are pushing the whole "just update" mantra. Why would I want to upgrade and get pulled into a two year contract when I cannot get a phone that works now. So I offered to renew my contract and buy a new SIII if they would overnight it to me. It would cost them $20 to do so. Now Keep in mind I pay $225.00 per month, over a year that comes out to $2700.00. The tech stated that her supervisor stated that Verizon would not cover the $20 fee when I could "Drive to a verizon store and buy a new phone so I could have it by tomorrow."

So I'm terrible at math, but isn't $2700.00 > $20?  

Maybe it's $20 > Customer?

This really disapoints me, all I want is a phone that works. Is the world going to end if I don't have it by tomorrow? Of course not. What I want is a little effort on Verizon's part to make this right. I needed the phone by tomorrow so I could stay intouch with my wife as She is drives out of town tomorrow. I thought $20 on their part was not a lot for me to ask. I was wrong.

Re: Droid X2 no network connection. Please help.
Customer Support

Hello DragoonFenix,

I absolutely want you to have a functioning phone as well. Especially if your wife's device isn't having any network difficulties. I will be more than happy to provide some information.

You have received quite a few replacements and the issue hasn't been resolved.  Has any of our Technicians offered to file a resolution ticket for your line of service?

Please keep me updated! I've followed you as well if you would like to Direct Message me so we can ensure you have functioning service.


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