Droid mini shutting down at 50% charge?
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Not sure what to make of this.  The past week or so my phone will go from indicating 50% or less charge to 0% and shut down.  Powering back on it will indicate something between 10-50% then 0% again and shut down again.  Basically I can't let the indicated battery level drop below 50%, which takes very little time under normal use.  What's going on?

Full disclosure, my phone hit the ground in a bike crash a while back. I had the screen replaced a few weeks ago (I know, warranty void now so I can't get it replaced...).  At this point I'm pretty fed up with the device.  Would love to Edge up (I'm eligible), but device damage rules that out so I'm stuck with it.

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Help has arrived! Thanks for providing us with these details. Since the device has experienced physical damage and is no longer covered under the warranty we may need to review other options. Do you have insurance coverage? What is your upgrade date? Dial #UPG (send) from your mobile device for more info.


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