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Droid x2 touch screen responce very slow and sometimes not responding.

I've been having issues with my 3g also dropping to 1x and not getting 3g back until i remove the battery also.I did the *228 and seemed to help this situation, but still has a hard time with connecting to 3g. Idk if this a area problem or not.  When switching from apps to browser and main screen to browser, i can tap the browser and getting the indicator coming up so i know I touched it.It will delay like 5-10 seconds and sometimes i have to hit it like 5 times before it will come up. Friday i went to a verizon store and they cleared the cache and installed the dolphin browser. it seemed to work better until yesterday when it started freezing and not responding. Sometimes the keyboard will stay on my main screen when i exit my browser. I have to shut the screen off to resolve this issue. this is my second droid x2 and I had 4 droid x's in the last 18 months due to software issues. this is a very annoying issue and am very tired of the motorola devices i've had. verizon offered me a early upgrade but i refuse to purchase another motorola device.

Re: Droid x2 touch screen responce very slow and sometimes not responding.
Sr. Member

"lags" or "nonresponsiveness" is USUALLY a 3rd Party App sucking the life out of your CPU (processor).  Is it reproducible? If so, I would boot into SAFE MODE and test it. If the problem goes away, that pretty much confirms that you have an APP or WIDGET causing your grief ... and time to start Uninstalling things until the problem gores away. the silver "bullet" is a factory Reset - but don't automatically have all your APPS redownload or you'll likely just be back to the same issue.

Do a Search for "SAFE MODE" in the search bar just above ...  if you can't find the procedure, let me know.