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Droix X Crashes when using Kindle

I've had my Droid X since June.  No problems until I discovered Kindle and started using it.  I admit, I've been reading like a MoFo.  4 books in 3 days.

So I go to download book #5 and the program freezes. I think, ok, it's hot.  I leave it alone for a few hours and try it again.  It goes to the download screen, and nothing. Won't download.


So I try to pay for it again, thinking something got hung up with  Nothing wrong there.  Here is everything I've tried.


1.  System Update:  Phone responds that there are no updates, so I'm assuming that is not the problem

2.  Went to and tried to resend the book from my Kindle books page.  Tried this 3-4 times.  Once, the phone sync sympbol came on and I thought it was receiving the book, but it didn't.

3.  So I try looking for the book in various areas of the app.  Phone freezes up and won't respond.  Have to pull the battery and restart.


I'm not sure what else to do.  I can't uninstall the App as the option is greyed out.


Anyone else having problems with Kindle and it crashes their phone?

Re: Droix X Crashes when using Kindle
Sr. Member

Having you tried clearig the Cache/Data for the APP?  In Settings / Applications ...  I don't use Kindle so no idea, but maybe that will help. Strange that it is greyed out though.  As far as "HOT", that probably due to the data transfer going on - possibly a poor connection at the time...  Once you get it working, try doing your download via WiFi.  Good luck.