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Dropped Droid X2 in toilet!

I dropped my Droid X2 and it was completely submerged in a toilet for approx. 6 seconds. I got it out, immediately removed the battery and SD card, dried it off, and had it in a container filled with rice within a matter of 5 minutes. It has been in this container for 7 hours now, and I intend on leaving it in there for approx. 28 hours total. The watermark seal went form white to complete red on the inside. As of now, it doesn't feel damp but I am not risking it by turning it on until it has been in rice for 24 hours, since that is the only trick I know. I purchased this through Verizon on eBay about 3-4 months ago for about $250. I have a one year warranty on the phone. So, all in all, will Verizon replace my phone, free of charge, if the rice trick doesn't work, or will they charge a small fee, because I have been an avid customer for nearly 4 years now. If not, any other tricks to fix your phone?

Re: Dropped Droid X2 in toilet!

i ran 2 electronic cars keys thru a wash cycle & both came out ok after leaving in rice 24+ hours.

going swimming isn't a warranty item & no, verizon/assurion won't replace it, that's covered under a different policy that's $6.99/month.

$250!!!, recently i bought a 2nd (near perfect) droid x, + car dock, an extra heavy duty battery for $60.

look in craigslist.

good luck

Re: Dropped Droid X2 in toilet!
Customer Support

Hi there Bradyeli86!

Oh my your phone isn't supposed to go swimming!  I have been in a similar water incident so I will be more than happy to provide some information.

First, I recommend taking the battery/sim/sd card, anything that comes off/out and setting everything apart on a dry towel in the driest part of your home.  Hopefully your phone will dry out and wasn't fried.

If you have Asurion Insurance you will be able to file a claim here:

If not, check your account upgrades by visiting or dial #UPG. If you don't have any upgrades or insurance check out this out:

Keep us posted!


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