Dropping Calls when using Bluetooth

My Droid Bionic pairs fine with my Bluetooth, (Jabra Cruiser 2)  it even streams the music through my radio just fine.   I also use the car dock for my Bionic.  However when I'm on a phone call after about 2 mins, the call just drops out.  Happens every single time I'm on a phone call.  Very annoying!   Is this a problem with the Bluetooth software or is there a setting I can change?  HELP!

Re: Dropping Calls when using Bluetooth
Customer Service Rep

Hi Sandy0380,

I use a Bluetooth device all day and I can understand how frustrating this issue can be. It sound more like a compatibility issue. Did you check with Bluetooth manufacturer to ensure full compatibility with your phone? While Bluetooth is a very comprehensive technology that allows wireless connection between 2 devices, some Bluetooth profiles may not be fully compatible.

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