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GPS Always on

Yesterday afternoon, my Bionic decided that the GPS will always stay on, to the detriment of the battery life.  The GPS icon in the notification area comes on constantly, unless I go to Settings> Location & Security>  and turn off the Standalone GPS services.  I may have updated an app yesterday, but I don't recall for certain.


I have tried a couple of the obvious things like power cycling and pulling the battery.  I have also gone through and installed or checked settings on most of the installed apps that use location services, but have not had any luck.


Is there anything I can use to tell me what app/service/etc is keeping the GPS active?


Thanks in advance.

Re: GPS Always on
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Honkerdown, I can certainly understand why you would want to disable the GPS when not using it to save battery. When you say the GPS keeps turning on, is it just showing the GPS icon or does the standalone GPS become checked on its own? Since you say this just recently started, try booting the phone into safe mode to see if the issue is still occurring. If it is not occurring in safe mode, there may be an application causing this issue. Try removing other applications that use GPS.


The last step, if still having this issue, would be to complete a factory reset. This will reset the phone to the default settings and erase all data not saved on the SD card. You will need to make sure your contacts are backed up to Google or Backup Assistant.