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Getting my Droid X2 replaced for the third time...

Don't really have any questions that need answering, just feel like getting peoples' input on my issue.

I am primarily a business user. While I won't deny that I use my phone for Facebook and Instagram when I'm sitting bored in a meeting, more than 80% of the time I spend on my phone is work-related. With that in mind, the most important features for me in a device are (in no particular order):

  • Battery life
  • Performance (speed, responsiveness, etc.)
  • Reliability (low frequency in terms of crashing, force closes, hangs, forced reboots, etc.)
  • Compatibility with corporate email and calendar

To date, the Droid X2 has met (and when it comes to battery life, exceeded) all of my expectations in those areas except one: reliability.  My phone encountered issues this week that interfered with my ability to conduct business, and I was forced to contact Verizon Support.  The rep, Brandon, was extremely helpful and I get the feeling that he did all that was in his power to help me out. He suggested that he might be able to get me a different device in the same tier, since I have had the X2 replaced so many times. Unfortunately Brandon's supervisor did not approve the order, and I didn't have time to attempt to speak with his superior.

I understand that giving a different device as a replacement is not covered by warranty or company policy (or if it is, someone please let me know ), but it should be obvious that the Droid X2 is an unreliable device. I am not a vanilla user - I have been involved in Android development since the HTC Dream (G1) - but I have left my Droid X2 bone stock since it worked well enough. I know all of the troubleshooting options available and try them all each time before calling support. It is my honest and sincere opinion that each and every Droid X2 that I've had has been faulty.

With that in mind, do you think Verizon ought to switch me out for a different model?  I honestly don't care about having the hottest new smartphone, I just want something that meets my needs and isn't a downgrade. Not trying to start a firestorm here, nor am I trying to rant and rave towards VZW - just interested in discussing the topic.

Re: Getting my Droid X2 replaced for the third time...

Good day Jon;

I've had my Droid X2 since June of 2010. I am currently on #3 due to lockups, freezing, overheats and virtually all the issues you can find in this forum. I at first assumed it was something I was doing or loading. Having been in talks with Verizon, Google and Motorola. Each handset had been reset to factory numerous times. Would work for a week or so then start the same issues.

I must say that Verizon and Google have been the best in working with this, Motorola has been absolutely useless in resolving known issues with their product. All my handsets were factory and the only apps from Verizon or Google. And the Droid X2 has had issues.

I have learned to trust Verizon and Google on this, but will never own another Motorola product. My last response from this company was to send in the only phone I own for their evaluation, and maybe in 10 days they would decide if there was a warranty issue. This even after Verizon replaced it previously.

I like the Android platform and looking forward to upgrading shortly to the Samsung line. I have other products of theirs and had very good luck. When issues have arisen they have been helpful and positive.

Thank you for the opportunity to let you and others know that many of us are here and to understand others have had the same issues.