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I've had my Incredible 2 activated for global use in Italy next week. When people call me from the U.S. do they dial my regular number or do they need the Italian prefix code?

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Verizon Employee

Hi Fernaid!

I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy! I can assist you with the details of using your phone while there, both in making calls and receiving calls. In addition, I will provide you with the details about data and any charges involved, since you have a Smartphone.

To answer your question, if someone located in the US calls your mobile number and you are located in Italy, the caller would simply dial your 10-digit number. However, if you are in Italy, and you would like to make a call to the US, a different dialing pattern is needed, and international roaming charges apply. This is true for voice calls, text messages, picture messages, and data usage. Below are the details for Italy. Please take note that these charges differ, depending on where you are traveling.



Voice-$1.29 per minute (Mobile to Mobile calls do not apply when internationally roaming)

Text Messages-$0.50 to send and $0.05 to receive

Picture and Video Messages-$0.50 to send and $0.25 to receive

Data Pay per use-$20.48 per MB

We have global data plans available if you would lilke to use data with your phone. Please keep in mind that you also have the ability to turn off data services, if you would like to avoid the charges altogether. You would simply go to your mobile network settings and un-check the mobile network.

However, if you would like to use data while in Italy, you have the following global data plans to choose from:

$30 for 50 MB

$75 for 150 MB

$125 for 300 MB

Here is a link for you, as well as other international travelers, that provides you with all of the information you will need.

I trust this information is helpful for you, and again, enjoy your trip to Italy!

Christina B

VZW Support

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