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Gmail email sync issues

I can't get Gmail, or my other email accounts to sync now.  I'm ready to give this POS phone the boot, not to mention the stupid, un-fixable low storage warning when I've got 75% of my storage available!!!

This phone is <deleted> and more each day.  can't wait to upgrade to an iphone.

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Re: Gmail email sync issues
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Hi, Triple_T-

I'm sorry to learn the email account have stopped syncing. Are you getting error messages at all? Can you login to these email account successfully from a computer? I recommend testing one of the email accounts, aside from Gmail, by removing by going to Settings>Account & Sync>then tap the email address, then 'Remove Account'. Then re-establish the email acount like normal and see if the sync begins again.

Is the internal storage showing 75% available or SD card? Unless moved manually all the media files are stored to the internal memory, so you may need to move those using a computer or file explorer application.

Please keep me posted.

Re: Gmail email sync issues

this phone sucks, and the older it gets, the worse it gets.   I talked to a great kid on the phone the other day after finding no answers.  Its a damn phone with all the  GOOGLE crap pre-loaded and the GOOGLE MAIL doesn't even work! 

That is a serious flaw if you ask me.  My back up assistant won't synch.  My non gmail email finally works.  Gmail hasn't worked since APRIL.

Typical big business move, charge people a bunch of phones, know they are crappy phones, so they have to upgrade to the new and improved one before their upgrade time is up for the full dollar upgrade. 

Shady if you ask me.