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HTC Incredible won't send or make texts and calls

I just started having the same issue as outlined above on my 3 year old HTC Incredible, cannot make phone calls or texts, but internet works fine.  The error message is SMS error Cause Code: 32773, error class 3. 

Called my cell from land line and get message that cell phone number is not available.

One other thing happened, Yahoo mail service switched to secure SSL, i.e. went from http to https last night.  The mail works fine.  I am not sure if this is connected to the problem I am having or why it would affect phone calls?

Are there any solutions beyond the standard 'buy a new phone'?

Re: HTC Incredible no longer connecting to service, stopped getting texts and calls
Customer Support

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us jhagelshaw. That should definitely not be happening.Do you recall any new downloaded apps or updates, prior to this issue starting up? With regards to your email, the Yahoo! Email change is completely different. Yahoo! tends to make changes like this periodically, as they make changes to help combat spam.

Jhagelshaw, let's try a few things out!  The first recommendation is to try placing your phone into Airplane Mode: Usually under Settings > Wireless and Networks. Turn it on, and then disable Airplane Mode after about 30 seconds. If this does not help, please power off your phone, and remove the battery for about 15 Seconds. Place the battery back in, power on your phone, and try to dial a call to *228 and choose option 1 if possible. 

Just in case, please check this area as well: Settings > Wireless and Networks > Make sure Mobile Network is enabled > Click on Mobile networks > System Select > Please make sure your phone is set to Automatic please.

Worst case scenario, a master reset may be needed. Make sure any important data is all backed up prior to performing this step:

Let us know if any of these steps help out, jhagelshaw. Thank you and take care!


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Re: HTC Incredible won't send or make texts and calls

Since the last upgrade I can no longer sync to my car. What gives?