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Has your Bionic become a paperwieght since OS upgrade?

Since my bionic OS was update by verizon, I've had some serious issues: 1) When using the GPS (while docked and connected to the charger) the battery from the phone drains quickly and the phone shuts down (again while connected to the charger).  If I quit the GPS function, it charges normally. 

The battery life took a serious hit.  Now only I only get from 2 to 4 hours max on the battery without being connected to a charger. I used to get an entire day 10 to 16 hours depending on the usage.

I also had to reload all of my APS.  I lost phonebook information for many of my contacts.  My son has the same issues with his phone.  He bought an extended battery that still doesn't get him through a day without having to charge.

I'll be getting rid of the paperweight! 

Re: Has your Bionic become a paperwieght since OS upgrade?
Super User
Super User

The ICS update was a major OS update for the Bionic; it is highly recommended that you do a system cache clear or a factory reset after installating the update; have you tried either one?

The battery life may be worse because your phone is searching for 4G; with the new update, you can't turn it off like you could with Gingerbread.  If that's part of the battery issue, you can download/install 'LTE onOFF' from Google Play.

Re: Has your Bionic become a paperwieght since OS upgrade?

First problem when ICS started was that the phone found 4G in extreme fringe areas. So fringe that it could not connect. So it just sat there, refusing to go into 3G, unable to get more than an occasional Byte in 4G.

Then, a couple of weeks later, no data at all.

I no longer get LTE. The Verizon guy tried several things, no help. Even a new SIM card. If I switch to CDMA auto (PRL) then it gets 3G fine, and blue bars on the signal meter. If I turn on LTE/CDMA/EvDo it never gets data, and the bars turn white. It still gets and makes calls, and does SMS, but no data. Won't drop into EvDo 3G - just nothing. Doesn't matter if I am in a 4G area or not. If I put it into LTE/CDMO/EvDo and reboot, it comes back in CDMA auto (PRL). So, now I am paying for a 4G phone in a 4G coverage area and getting 3G speeds.

The verizon guy said that he put in a ticket, and that I was the second person that day with the same complaint on a Bionic.

P.S. I cleared the system cache several times. Made the phone a bit snappy, but no help with 4G issues.