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Help my phone was fine turned off and now will not turn back on!!!!!

Hi Everyone, I am a grandmother who is very new to these smartphones.   I got one of the droid incrdible 2's by HTC.  The phone was working fine until one night I turned it off and went to bed.  Upon waking found the phone would not turn back on???  Has anyone had this problem???  I mean I get nothing!!!  It powers on or something because if you look real close you can see the screen is barely lit.  You can make out a blue looking screen, no apps or nothing.  I have tried taking out the battery and I just do not know where to go from here.  If anyone can help me please direct message me. (email has been edited out for the members privacy)  Thanks so much, Sistereagle

Re: Help my phone was fine turned off and now will not turn back on!!!!!

Sistereagle, it sounds like you are having a real problem with your device. I would suggest contacting customer service immedialtely at 800-922-0204. If your phone is still under warranty, we can have a replacement device sent to you for no charge. I also followed you, you can follow back and send me a DM with your contact number. Have a great day!


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Re: Help my phone was fine turned off and now will not turn back on!!!!!

The same thing is happening with mine.  Went to the Verizon store  ... said it was a faulty battery. Low and behold none of the stores in my area even had a battery in stock.  Have had to wait 5 days for it to come in the mail.  Cost me over $30!!!!!!  Anyway ... after about 15 min.of the rep trying different things, the phone finally came on  .... barely.  He told me to keep it plugged in.  It actually started working fine for almost a week  ... now its doing it again.  Battery came today .. gonna give it a try.  Apparently this is an issue with ALOT of people with this phone.     WHY DOESN'T VERIZON ADDRESS IT!?  

Makes me rethink my choices when my contract is up in February.  May do some shopping for a different carrier!  I have been a Verizon customer for forever  ... you would think they would make this right!