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DROID incredible 2

I've had my DROID Incredible 2 for 6 months.

On Thursday evening while it was charging next to me it suddenly went to a white screen with green HTC letters.

I didn't think much of this because this has happened but it never returned to normal. I mistakenly assumed that it would be fine the next day.

It won't turn on. I've taken out the battery & put it back in & all that will show is either the same white screen with green TC letters or it's dead.

I haven't been able to get to a Verizon store because they aren't close & I don't drive. I am waiting for a friend to have time to drive me.

I sure hope that they have technicians at the store (either Burbank or Sherman Oaks) who can fix this.

I don't want to lose all my



Notes in Color Notes


Calendar Info & Reminders

Voice Memos

Pic ID's



Ring tones

Many Apps * I don't have an unlimited data plan & it would take me some time to download the many apps again. .

I'm freaked out!!! I don't want a new phone or to have the phone reset if it means losing all of this!!!

I just want my phone to work!!!

I don't understand how this can happen. I had my old purple Motorola flip phone for 3 years & didn't have this type of problem.

Although it wasn't a smart phone, it also had better speakers than the DROID Incredible 2.

If Verizon cannot save my thousands of photos, hundreds of videos & other information then I will be upset.

I have loved this phone & cared for my phone well so for this to happen out of the blue makes me think it's not so incredible.

Has anyone else had this happen?


Re: Help!

quite frankly, it sounds bad. do you store everything on the phone's internal memory? you don't have an sd card? i REALLY hope they can help you. however, (and i know this doesn't help you now) in the future, if you go into the camera settings, you can have all of your pics saved to the sd card. also, you can either sync your account with google or backup assistant (you may have your contacts in one of these places already, and didn't even realize it). if you have been using the sd card for all of this, then there is nothing to worry about, as a factory reset will only wipe the phone. it does not wipe the sd card. if you have been using an sd card, take it out now. you can at least salvage whatever is on it.

Re: Help!
Customer Support

Hello christinabella,

Let's get your phone up and running again! Your post mentioned you would be taking it to a store location to see if this can be resolved for you. Did you have the time to take the phone to the store, or are you still having the problem?

Please try removing th battery again for about 2 minutes. Then, reattach the battery and before powering on, plug the phone into the charger. Once that's done, go ahead and power on. Keep me posted, I want to make sure your issue gets resolved! Thanks very much,

Christina B
VZW Support
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