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How can I control apps and daily battery usage on Droid 4?

I recently bought a droid 4.  My battery runs dead in a few hours with nothing but the phone being on.  I spoke to someone at verizon and was told to shut down apps I'm not using.  I thought apps were suppposed to shut down when you stopped using them but according to the running services screen in the application section of settings they seem to turn back on and run by themselves.  There are apps running there and turning on that I don't want on, but can't seem to get them to stay off.  For example verizon locator agent.  I don't need this on all the time.  Googale maps, I don't need this running all the time and weather? But they all keep turning themselves back on after I've shut them down.  I'm beginning to think this was not a good phone to buy.  I'm also thinking that there needs to be a place to get info on what apps are important and which are not.  For those of us that would like to have the convenience of searching the web or a map while away from our computer and only really use phone, text and email There should be somewhere to get answers to these issues.  I'm not seeing them however.  Can some one point me in the right direction?

Re: How can I control apps and daily battery usage on Droid 4?
Customer Support

Hi Kaweber,  We want you to be able to get the most out of your phone!  While the device may show applications active in the background, the operating system is designed to manage and minimize the strain on the battery if any at all.  Some processes are necessary to keep the device running efficiently and cannot be stopped.  Here is a link to some great resources to manage the battery life on your Motorola Droid 4:

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Re: How can I control apps and daily battery usage on Droid 4?
Sr. Leader

The task killer is killing your battery faster.  If the process is cached and you close it your phone will run the app again and then recache them.  If you allow the phone to learn your habits, and if you use the BACK instead of HOME button to get out of apps.(Home forces apps to run in the background{running} while back will cache processes{not running}).

Are you in a 4G area with low signal?  Are you in an area with strong signal at all?  How long does your screen stay on?