How many people can't (or couldn't) charge their DINC2?
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Last week I had an issue with my DINC2 not charging. The battery would drain VERY fast, and when I plugged it in, I would get a warning stating that the charge was not "enough" for the phone. At that time, I thought the charger was going bad, so I turned the phone off, and normally it would charge up just fine. Then, one night, it didn't charge at all, even off. When I plugged it in, I got a slow blinking light instead of the normal solid light. I brought it into Verizon, and somehow, magically, they charged it. And then my car charger worked. I thought it was just a fluke.

Well, the battery still drains fast, and I was still getting the message about the charger not being "enough" to charge. And even with 4 different chargers, I still had to wiggle repeatedly to get it to charge. Well, yesterday, it died, and I could not charge it at all. Still can't. I activated my fiancee's Droid2 until I can get to a verizon store (which uses the same charger as the DINC2 and has no issues with any of the chargers I tried). Now I am seeing that this is a huge issue for a lot of people. Sometimes repeatedly.

Is there any way for Verizon to replace the DINC2 with something else that doesn't have known hardware flaws? Yes, I have the insurance, but I don't know about factory warranty, I don't remember exactly when I got the phone.



PS: Yes, I tried battery pulls and hard resets. Nada.

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Hi, musichick2004-

I'm very sorry to learn the device continues to have trouble with the charging port. Have you had a chance to visit our store? The warranty covers the same make and model device for exchange. Do you ever use the device while its plugged in? This can lead to the charging port to stress under the pressure of being held around the port causing the charger to not work. Please keep me posted.

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