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I Just Wanna Know ONE thing

WHY, when I am dialing my voice mail, does the screen on my Incredible droid 2 by HTC and Google, turn completely BLACK....Like there is no way I could possibly enter my pin# to access my voice mail! I hafta screw around with the screen off and on switch for 20 seconds and lay the phone perfectly flat in order to type my Pin#.

Why? Someone in the Universe knows the answer. I BESEECH THE! PLEASE OH GREAT KROM! GOD OF ALL METALS! ANSWER MY REQUEST!

Re: I Just Wanna Know ONE thing
Customer Support

Good morning Lastexan.

What an annoying process just to access your voice mails! Let's see what options we have to resolve this problem. First, is the backlight set to turn off immediately? You can change this in settings.

Second. You can Pause to your voice mail; therefore, you do not have to enter your password to access your messages!  Adding Pause will have your password entered automatically when checking messages. I think this may be the easiest solution.  You can follow the steps below to do this.

From the Home Screen:
* Select Applications tab
* Select Settings
* Select Call
* Select Voicemail Settings
* Select Pause (P)/ Wait (W),
* Enter your password, then press OK

Pause- Inserts a 2-second pause between the number dialed and the additional numbers.

Wait- Inserts a hard wait that will cause the system to wait for additional input before continuing.

I trust this information is helpful!

Thank you,

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