I hate this update!

I thought updates were supposed to be a good thing. My Verizon email account has been completely deleted and there is no way to add it back on (or I should say I haven't found a way to add it). I click on add Account and don't even get an email option. My Smart actions all show "ready" yet none of them work as well of half my apps. I shouldn't have to uninstall and re-install my stuff because you released an inferior update. This is making me want to cross over to the dark side and get an iPhone.

Re: I hate this update!
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Seems like I have seen other postings similar to this, and some indicated a "fix" by powering off/on the phone a couple times to fully clear cache/resync, etc.  See if 2 or 3 full power cycles (maybe even pull the battery for at least a few seconds?) help.


Re: I hate this update!
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Same here.  Each update makes the phone worse.  This one **** BIG T IME.  My battery now lasts 1/2 the time as before the update.  It deleted my StickyNotes app with all the information I had stored in it.  So many little things that are worse than before and no way to change it.  I wish I could revert back.

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