I have to pay for something that was not my fault, nor Verizon's fault, but is an act of God/nature. Why is that?

As I stated above, "I have to pay for something that was not my fault, nor Verizon's fault, but is an act of God/nature.  Why is that?"  I had a hard time keeping my phone charged at one time, so I called/visited my local retailer of Verizon, and they ordered me a new battery (first step after cleaning my phone. Not like it was dirty anyways). Got a new battery, put it in, still same problem.  Would not charge...boo! So, I bring it back, and they order me a replacement phone, since it "is still under warranty, and insured".  When I first brought my phone in, the young lady said, "That is why it is not charging; it was the charger port, that is why it was not charging. It is as loose as a goose" So, that is why she ordered me a new one. 

     So, get the new phone, put "new battery" back in.  All is good, all of what, 2 maybe 3 weeks later.  Now it is doing the same thing again. Checked the charging port, it is fine.  Bring it in, to the store, and questioned the young man behind the desk, and find out why I was charged the $299.95(+taxes & s/h). He said, "it was because the old phone was because there was "corrosion" around the port."  Of course, there was not a single note of it being loose.  He continued, and said it was because it was there had to be a time where you spilled something on it, even if it was a drop of any kind of liquid. Or, you/ or someone else, had it in the shower with them."  (Really, a drop of liquid, or taking the phone with me in the shower?)  How I could I get a "drop" of liquid in it, if I had an Otter-box on it, or why would I take it in the shower with me?  I admit, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but, really? Come on now!

     Since, I have to now pay for it, I am kind ‘a wondering if anyone else has, or had the same problem with their phone (s).  My wife has the same phone and she has not had this same problem.  Makes me wonder.  Since, my phone is doing this again, if it is something that I am doing wrong with it or not.  So, now they have ordered me a new battery, and we will see if this will be a new fix, or "good bye to Verizon."  Any comments, or suggestions, please email wife and me, and let me know. Thanks and God bless.

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Don't really see how this would be an act of God/nature.

Regardless, are you saying Verizon should have to pay for those, though?