I have tried everything and still need help ASAP

Hello community

As the title says, I'm tired of research for help and found non answer from Samsung or Verizon. I have the Samsung droid charge since Oct of 2011 an my phone was working very good until last couple of weeks, for some reason the phone start shutting down while I'm using any app or sending a text, when you try to turn it back on the battery reader goes on red, and when I connect the phone it shows that is over 70% and at the begin I just tough that was the battery (because of the age) and (obviously I order a new OEM one) as soon the new battery arrived, I master reset the phone (yes, I wiped out the phone before start the problems), and still giving me the same shut down after all of that.

So I have the following question:

Is this error caused by a glitch in the most recent firmware update (around few weeks ago)?

Is there something that else that I can do, because I already talk to Samsung, but with not success just because my warranty is expired?


There is something that Verizon can do, my phone is the most important tool for my because is my mobile hotspot and my contract is not eligible for an upgrade. When I switch to Verizon, I was attracted because the speed of the network , but also for the response to this type of situations because I had so many deceptions from experiences with other carriers and I hope that i can be better.

Please, I need any answer ASAP.

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Your new battery may have arrived in a discharged state.  Let it charge for 10 hours, then try your phone again,  and that may fix your problem.