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I named my DROID X2 "Chucky" - It wont turn OFF !

I tried everything that people have suggested in here. 

- Remove some apps - I only had 10 at the time - BIG DEAL!

- Take out the battery.

- Clear all Cache.

- Customer service walked me through a hard (Factory reset).  What a PAIN - setting up all accounts all over again, etc...

- Most recently, I put it in Safe Mode, deleted all 5 apps AGAIN, cleared the cache & powered down.  I just powered it back up.  Now it's sitting here with the Motorola "M" on the screen!!!  I'm going to have t remove the battery, I guess???

I hate this phone anymore!

Since the factory reset things are WORSE than ever!  The voice recognition wont do anything I ask it to, the GPS gets locked up all the time, now AND it still TURNS ON ALL BY ITSELF - NOT GOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF A MEETING!!!!  I had to take the battery out while I was on a flight yesterday!  It's like the Movie bad boy doll - "Chucky" It comes to life all by itsself!


Know what else - They sold me this phone as a "SKYPE" phone... I was telling my grandson in front of the salesgirl - "Look we'll be able to see Mommy on her business trip to Louisianna."  There is NO forward facing camera on this phone!!!  Yea, there is skype on it - but its a PHONE!!!!  Why do I need audio skype when I have a phone in my hand???  Verizon really did me wrong!

Re: I named my DROID X2 "Chucky" - It wont turn OFF !

At one point last year this was a well known issue after the GB updates to the X2. Random reboots, cashes, etc.... Unfortunately I can't tell you if there was any resolution...

Re: I named my DROID X2 "Chucky" - It wont turn OFF !
Sr. Member

The automatic-power-back-up after Shutting it Off is *STILL* a bug ... It was introduced with the release of Gingerbread back in June 2011 and Moto has not delivered on their (& Verizon's) "promise" to provide a software update to GB.  The best way to get around that problem is just put your device into SLEEP MODE and be done with it. There is NO fix for the problem - at least that I've been successful at finding. Lots of suggestions, just no permanent fix (and yes, I've tried all of what you have heard.)

re: SKYPE -  Correct, the DX2 (like the DX) did NOT come with a front facing camera for Skyping. If that was a necessary feature, you probably should have noted that lack of feature before buying it .. It is very well documented (the specs) that it only comes with 1 camera - which is on the rear of the device.

Re: I named my DROID X2 "Chucky" - It wont turn OFF !

I KNOW that I should have looked at the specs NOW!  My point being that the Verizon salesperson at the store let me believe that I could use this phone to video chat with my daughter.