I want the forced apps gone!

I am not going to EVER play Madden NFL 11 , watch anything from Block Buster, get anything from Amazon Kindle, etc., etc. Please, for the love of god Verizon, give us the common decency to pick what we want. I pay you an enormous amount of money for a phone every month. My cable tv bill is less than my phone bill even if I leave it on for the entire month. However, I can remove/block channels I dont want. I realize you make money from the forced apps, but it's at my additional expense. You guys certainly aren't hurting for cash. Again, I pay a premium price and I'm forced to subjected to your ads. Do you watch commercials on the premium tv channels like HBO or Showtime? No, you don't. Give me the damn uninstall option. End of rant.

Re: I want the forced apps gone!
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This subject has been discussed and beaten to death, ad infinitum. (for many years now)  It is not going to go away, and nothing you can say, (or rant about) will ever change it.

So either live with them or.......... ????

Best of luck!