In Call Screen Issue

This problem has been an issue for since the update a long time ago.  I am finally really annoyed that I cannot figure it out.  Whenever I call someone, the screen turns off.  Ok, no big deal right?  Then when I want to use the dial pad or end the call, I can't because the screen wont turn on.  The power button does not do anything.  I have to take the battery out so that whoever I call does not have a ridiculously long voice message or they hang up and the screen turns back on.  I tried to find a way to make it work but nothing.  I noticed that some of the features from the previous version are not in the current update like the pocket detection (which I had used).  Anyone got any ideas?  Thanks

Re: In Call Screen Issue
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You say that this started after the GB update? strange.


Have you tried running in SAFE MODE, just to rule out a 3rd party app causing the issue?


Have you tried Clearing your System CACHE?


Last resort, a Factory Reset - seems to be the silver bullet for some. This is what Verizon will likely do if you take it into the store or call support.


ALL 3 procedures have been well-documented here. Use SEARCH up above - give a shout out if you can't find the procedures.

Re: In Call Screen Issue
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Do you use a case? It sounds like the sensor is continuing to be covered as if the phone was still to your ear.