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Incredible 2, Basic Recommendations

People, I hate to bad mouth this phone so bad, read all these forums, I am sure almost every one will steer you away. THIS PHONE IS GARBAGE. There is not anything I can say good and I hate to even have to say that. First, BRAND NEW PHONE, will not charge at all, SECOND brand new phone, cannot connect to pc to sync, THIRD BRAND NEW PHONE same problem again but all in one. Ok so the screen sucks, the system is slow, there is not enough on board memory, I installed a flashlight and Go SMS and the thing said I had some more room but would not let anything else install, I moved everything to the memory card and installed angry birds to phone memory and then once again it says no memory available, so I move it to the memory card and then the Phone memory was just as it came from the factory and it tells me there is not enough available memory, ok sure maybe some hidden files or something, so i restore to factory and it stops complaining, until the market trys to update automatically every single day, so i change that in the settings, and then guess what happens? The stupid thing will not charge or connect to PC. So if you ask me I would recommend staying away from it, or giving it to you children to play with. Or you can drop a  HEAVY OBJECT ON IT AND SMASH IT like I DID! Anyway try a samsung galaxy or Motorola DROID They have lasted through thick and thin and the Incredible 2 has not lasted me more than a week out of 3 different phones. I know my luck is worse than others, but you will have some serious issues one day with it. Just wait. Sorry if you do not like my comment. But for the record some people may understand an opinion and may agree. And you cannot root the phone

Re: Incredible 2, Basic Recommendations

And the video files are encoded in some other way than normal, the ones I have from my Incredible 2 are not even recognized by any program or even my Droid 2. So I guess those precious moments if they were would have been lost. What a waste. This Phone should not even be a free one, HTC do something better please.