Incredible 2..text messages failing

My text messages aren't sending for the past few hours, it says that the SMS Error (cause code:64 error class:2). I would have gone to the verizon store but i had class and now they are closed for the day. I turned it off multiple times and took the battery out too.. I was just wondering if I screwed up a setting somewhere or if it is something else. Thanks a bunch for your help =]

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Hi there Icia15!

Not being able to send your text messages is a big deal around here. And I don't want your friends and family thinking you're ignoring them so let's get things fixed immediately.

First off, I have to ask if this issue has since been resolved? If not, no need to fret as we've got you covered. The first thing I would go ahead and do is dial the number *228, choose option 2, wait for the update and restart your phone. That will resync it with our network for optimal service. Next, go to your messages and delete as many threads as you can. Sometimes memory issues will prevent texts from going through. Another thing you can try is going to settings > application manager > manage applications > all > messaging > clear data and force close. Please give this a shot and let me know how it works.

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