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Incredible 2 touchscreen issues make phone unusable

The usability of my touchscreen is very intermittent.  Sometimes it's unresponsive along one side or other, sometimes both sides.  Now the home button rarely works and often the entire screen freezes up so that I have to lock and unlock my phone, sometimes repeatedly to get anything to work.  Sometimes the phone does these "phantom" touches and opens the camera and takes pictures, types words and numbers for me while I try to text, declines calls, etc.  I can't boot my phone into safe mode, even though I hold the volume down button once the HTC screen comes up after a reboot.  The phone just boots as normal.  I've already done a factory reset and it didn't fix the issue.   

My phone is in great shape, not a scratch (or screen protector) on it.  My account is due in about a month for a device upgrade, but the only reason I'd consider upgrading the device is because of this issue. '

<rant>I don't want a bigger phone so that leaves the Incredible LTE or RazrM.  Really, I'd like to keep this phone until the trend to bigger and bigger phones reverses and people see the simplicity in letting your phone be a phone in an sleek form factor and not going to the phablet world. </rant>

Re: Incredible 2 touchscreen issues make phone unusable
Customer Support


We accept rants in all shapes and sizes around here so I'm extremely glad you posted. Based on your description of the issues at hand, it seems like there are quite a few things going on. Getting your phone into safe mode would be our best bet so as to isolate the issue to the device or potentially an application. May I ask if you tried this directly after running a factory reset (I noted that you said it won't process properly the first time you tried)? If you can try one final reset and then safe mode before loading your information this may help .

Also, does your device have an extended warranty through insurance? If necessary, we'd love to get you a replacement before your upgrade comes up. And speaking of upgrade, if you're not too awful fond of large phones, you can view all our devices and their specifications at .

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