Is there any way to block a number?
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I am getting frequent calls from  tele-marketers, including text message and would like to block these calls.  Isa there any way to do this?  I have an Android 2 Global.  Thanks for your help.

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Community Leader
  • You could just not answer the calls and hope they eventually stop.
  • You can forward the texts to SPAM (7726) and reply to the text you receive from Verizon.
  • If your phone has the capability, you can set the numbers up as contacts and send them straight to voice mail.
  • You can log into your on-line MyVerizon account, click on Block Calls and Messages, and block up to five numbers free of charge for 90 days (at the end of the 90 days, you can re-block if needed).
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SkyHawk44, I know how irritating telemarketing calls can be. I recommend that you add your mobile number to the Do Not Call List by clicking

Additionally, you may also block 10 digit phone numbers to the Call & Messaging Block list online at My Verizon, as well. This feature allows you to block up to five numbers from calling and text messaging your device. For more information, click ^LH