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Issues after update

Okay so now I want my wiper blade back when it rains and I can't figure it out.  I have had all three Droid Incredibles.  The first two were much easier to figure out and now I'm in the 4S LTE.  I wish they could figure out a way to keep what I put on my previous phones since it takes me forever to figure out....technologically a bit challenged.

I want my weather and wiper back, please.

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Re: Issues after update

I haven't been able to get mine working properly on the World Clock or the weather app after the last update either, now it says 'no weather data available', the update wiped out my home city and it is no longer an option, neither are any of my local towns. The apps always used to automatically show whatever city I was currently located in. Closest city I can choose is 100 miles away and it has completely different weather, but even choosing an incorrect city won't get the weather to show on my homescreen. I followed the directions in the old 2011 thread several times but that hasn't fixed it. I know the gps services are working properly because I have no issue with googlemaps or navigation apps.

FWIW, the last update also wiped out all of my e-mail accounts, all of the HTC wallpapers and several of my apps. I think I have everything back to normal now except the weather app. This is the second time an update wiped out everything on my phone, the last time I had to do a factory reset and reinstall absolutely everything. It's getting tedious to have to reinstall and fix everything every time an update is sent to my phone.