Issues with my speaker on my Droid Incredible 2

I have a DInc2 and I can't hardly hear my music or rings. Does anyone else have these issues? It seems to be ok if I am talking on the phone through the earpiece but if I am using the speaker its like a whisper at maximum volume.

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This is the only thing I don't like about my Inc 2 ... I can't use the speakerphone feature because I can't hear the other person talking.

It seems fine for media playback and notifications, and I use headphones for music, so I can deal with it, but my BlackBerry was great for speakerphone calls.

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for your posts! I have a few suggestions for your audio issues. Are the ringtones that you are having trouble hearing the ones that came with the phone, or did you download them? If they are downloaded ringtones, have you tried the stock ones and do you have the same problem? You can also try to run the phone in safe mode first, if you still have the issue then a hard reset can be done. If the reset and safe mode are not successful, then it is a hardware issue and we can look into replacement options. You can call our customer service line at 800-922-0204, reach out to us on Twitter @VZWSupport, or contact us here.

Safe Mode:

Hard Reset:

Thank you!

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