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Major Battery Issue

I am beyond frustrated with my phone/battery. I have the Incredible 2 and have enjoyed it for about 6 months. About a week ago, I started having a problem with the battery not charging. I would plug it in at night (as I have had to every night since I purchased it) and in the morning it was at about 30%. It is shows that the battery is charging through the battery light and on the screen. I have done everything including a factory reset thinking it was something that I had downloaded. I have a few different chargers, so I tried each of them. No luck. I took to Verizon and they had it for about an hour and gave it to me with about 80% charged. Twenty minutes later when I got home, the charge was down to about 40%. Now I have to leave it plugged in and only unplug it when I leave home. I usually have abut 20-25%. And I bought a new battery. Tried the new battery and it did the same thing. Help!! Any suggestions??

Re: Major Battery Issue
Verizon Employee

Hello dwplunk! I'm filled with regret over your experience with your Droid Incredible 2, particularly since you have turned to us before but weren't able to come away with a resolution. You mentioned that you have already replaced the battery without success. I would also recommend looking at the charger, and how you charge the phone. Are you using the wall charger or are you connecting the phone to a computer? If you're connecting to a computer, are you using the connection manager option on the phone to charge only? The reason I'm asking is if you don't select charge only, the charge option will be reduced in favor of file sharing.

If you've tried all this but still can't get the phone to fully charge, there may be a problem with the phone itself. Please let me know if you still need help with this by posting to this thread. Thanks so much for your patience!


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