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Making a call on Droid Charge- having issues

Hi everyone,

When I try to make a call whether I manually dial or search through my contacts my phone lags and seems to get stuck trying to dial. It takes up to a full minute to actually start to dial,  if it dials at all. Sometimes the phone looks like it is trying to dial and then just stops dialing and goes back to the front screen. . I have deleted all emails, most of my pictures, most of my text messages to help speed it up. I have 350 mb used and 847 mb free in my system storage. I only have a few apps on there like FB,  twitter and atbat. I mostly use it to make calls. What else can I do?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Making a call on Droid Charge- having issues
Customer Support

Hi Stephanie - Let's pick up the pace and get your calls working consistently! Let's try clearing the cache of the Phone Dialer. Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Look for "Dialer">Clear cache and/or data. This may remove your recent call history however your contacts will not be affected. Please keep me updated on the status!

Thank you,

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