Microsoft Exchange Outlook not syncing accurately

We notice that Outlook 2003 and 2007 Microsoft Exghange Servers are not accurately syncing data to the Droid X.


Before we return our Droid X Smart Phones, does anyone have an effective  work around?


We tried touchdown exchange and have the same problem.


In addition missed call log is also displaying wrong names for missed calls.


Thank you.

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You may need to change your sync settings.  The steps are below.


If you need to adjust email frequency, notification ringtones, text size, signatures:

  1. Open Applications tray
  2. Tap on Email application  
  3. Your Default email account will be displayed.  (this is adjustable in email settings menu)
  4.  Press Menu hard key 
  5. Select Email settings:         
  6. Email settings menu will be displayed:      
  7. If you are not within your Corporate account, select Default email account and select the name of your Corporate sync account. Close email application and re-open to view corporate account. 
  8. Touch Notifications to bring up Notifications option menu:
    • Adjust notifications appearing in the status bar: Turn on (Checked) or turn off (Unchecked).
    • Touch Select ringtone to change the ring tone for this account.
    • Tap Vibrate to activate vibrate mode when you receive notifications from this email account.
  9. Touch Email delivery to change the frequency that emails is pulled to the device (Selections: Data push, Fetch schedule, or select to sync over WiFi only.
  10. Touch Read options to change text size for your email account text (text sizes: 12,14,16,18,20)
  11. Touch Compose options to change font style & size for your email account text and signature
  12. Touch Default Account to select account that is displayed and controlled when you select email application. You can adjust this to different account at any time. You will need to close email application and re-start for the different account to load.
  13. Touch Multiselect always on to enable you to select multiple emails within default account for various actions.




If you need to change account setup details such as account name, server name password, what features are sync'd, how long to sync messages:

  • Open up My Accounts application from application tray. 
  • Select the Corporate Sync account you wish to modify.
  • Your Corporate exchange account settings will be displayed


  • Touch inside Username box to change username
  • Touch inside Password box to change password
  • Touch Calendar to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) synching calendar from this account
  • Touch Contacts to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) synching contacts from this account
  • Touch Email to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) synching email from this account
  • Touch inside Email address box to change your email address on this account.
  • Touch inside Server box to change your server location for this account.
  • Touch inside Account name box to change your Account name used on this handset for this account.
  • Touch Use secure connection to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) SSL security for this account (use SSL only if recommended by your IT)
  • Touch Verify Certificate to enable (Checked) or disable (Unchecked) certificate use with this account
  • Click on arrow underneath "Sync messages for" to select how far back you will sync messages from your corporate exchange account. (1 day, 3days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, All)
  • Select Remove account to remove this Corporate Exchange account from the handset.



Same issue here.  Exchange Sync is not doing its job.  TouchDown isn't doing it and neither will the standard Corporate Sync that comes with the phone.  I'm also experiencing SMS messaging time sent/delivered inconsistencies...  Not good when trying to run a small business...

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@brucepublishing have you checked the above settings to see if that will help?  As far as your messages being delayed, it could be that your phone was not getting the appropriate reception as needed, at the time the message was sent.  Try dialing *228 send and option 2 to update your phone to the nearest cell tower to see if this will help.

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I think the problem here is that again, Verizon released a phone that shouldn't have been released.  It was not ready.  The exchange problem with the X is widely known.  The 2.2 update was supposed to have fixed this but, it MANY cases it didn't.  I am also extremely irritated that this phone was setup to have to hit "get html version"; "display images" and then usually "get more" to see my emails the way I should. 


I don't think your solution of just making sure syncing options are set and notifications are set will work.  I will be very surprised if they did in this case. 

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Don't be so quick to throw Verizon under the bus. We have been using Tuchdown for about 2 months now and it works pretty good.

My mail is actually delivered to my phone quicker than my Outlok on the desktop.