Monthly software updates?

Why is it that about every three or four weeks my incredible becomes useless for half a day?

It just happened again yesterday morning. I turn my phone off at night. When I got up yesterday, I turned it on and the start up took a lot longer than usual.

When I checked the phone, it was stuck on the droid "eye". I had to remove the battery and restart.

Then it got to the unlock slide bar and it had frozen again. I had to remove the battery and restart.

Next I let it sit for about an hour, then it seems OK.

The verizon tech rep said that the system is pushing updates at about 2AM. If the phone isn't on, it has to do the updates when it first gets turned on.

The last time this happened, it was about 4PM. That time I thought I had the dreaded "auto restart" problem because it kept restarting. Stopped after a few hours.

Is there a way to disable automatic updates?

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Customer Service Rep

That's a lot of waiting and updating bejay! The Incredible hasn't had a firmware update recently, so the only updates that may be coming to your phone would be for applications downloaded from the market. Did this trouble start after you received a message about a system update? If you go to Settings > About Phone, the most recent Software Version is Build Number: 4.08.605.15 710RD; Baseband Version: If that's not showing, try selecting Check for Updates to pull the newer version through once and for all. If the trouble continues though, a reset will help to clear the slate and ensure the update is completed properly along with returning the phone to a more permanent working order.

Thank you

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