Motorola Products and Verizon are junk
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I have finally had it with Verizon Wireless & Motorola.  I have tried to work out the numerous issues with the Motorola Bionic Droids that I have.  Verizon has no interest in resolving the issue, nor customer service, only mega profits.

The phones (my wife has 1 as well) are crap.  I am 18 months into a beaten down contract with Verizon.  The phones will not hold 4G LTE connections.  This is a well documented problems that seems to effect numerous Motorola products.  Neither Verizon Wireless, nor Motorola, will do anything resolve this situation.  I have spoken to numerous people at both companies, and everyone is 'sad' but not willing to get off their butts to do anything.  The problems have been reoccurring since the jellybean update.  needless to say, the phones are useless as smart phones.  Now, my phone will no longer power on.  I have refused to buy a warranty from Verizon for $10 a month for a piece of crap that resales for $45 on Amazon.

So, here is my new plan.  I will find a used, Verizon wireless device, buy it and have it activated.  Once my contract with Verizon Wireless is up, I will find another carrier to give my $$ to, and burn the trash that I have gotten from Verizon Wireless. 

I have been a loyal customer since 1999 of Verizon wireless.  I pay close to $200 a month for 2 smartphones and 1 regular cell phone.  'Verizon reported a third-quarter profit of $2.2 billion, or 78 cents per share, compared with $1.59 billion, or 56 cents per share, a year ago.'  *

How does a company that makes almost $9 billion in profit do it?  They systemically rip off customers, sell products that are cheaply made, rushed to market with problems and hope to solve issues when they can.  Yes, I fully lay blame on Verizon Wireless & Motorola, because Verizon Wireless provided the product, represented the phones as capable smartphones, and aggressively sold the phones to the public.  Motorola is equally to blame because once their 'warranty' expired, they refused to service the phone.  The problems with the phone derive directly from a software update that was forced on the consumer both both parties, without the responsibilty to service the problem. 

Every single Verizon wireless customer service person wants to 'offer' their newest plan.  Each and every one of the reps look up the contract renewal information BEFORE trying to offer the BS service lines.  This is how big business is done?  Exactly so.

I will update this post with whatever information that I recieve.  if you would like to discuss, offer services, or insight, leave a post.

*Verizon third-quarter earnings, revenue beat Wall Street estimates

BY SINEAD CAREW, NEW YORK Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:41pm EDT

Re: Motorola Products and Verizon are junk
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As far as I can tell, all the carriers do the same thing. It is a cutthroat, highly competitive business.

That being said, it is consumer demand for these products and services that enables the carriers and the phone manufacturers to generate the kinds of revenue they do. As long as enough people are willing to pay, this will continue.

If you do not really need the smart phones, replace them with basic phones and sign up for prepaid, pay-as-you-go plans. Use the phones as talk/text only devices. You can securely access the Internet on your computer at home using your broadband connection.

Yes, you can buy a used device, but you'll need to make sure it has a clean ESN and that it can be returned if defective.

Please let me know if you find a phone that is not a piece of crap. Seems like that is all they are making these days.

Good luck.