Multiple Problems

Yesterday my phone started experiencing multiple problems at the same time.


1. Instead of a contact name, all I receive now are numbers. I still have all my contacts, but their name does not show up when I receive their texts or when they call me, it is just their number.

2. When I press "Phone" when I get a missed call or try calling someone, instead of showing me my call history, it stays on my home screen and the word "Phone" appears just above the original "Phone"

3. When I click my search button, right after I click any letter or number, I receive the message "the application Google Search ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" And I've tried the last day and a half and nothing positive is resulting.


I have checked for updates on my phone and it says all apps and my phone are currently updated.



Re: Multiple Problems

Have you installed or updated any apps recently that could have caused this because it sounds like something may have corrupted some data on your device?