My Droid Incredible started re-booting last week...
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...after I finally ....stupidly...relented and downloaded the software update that would never install previously.

Ever since last Tuesday, when I installed that sw download, this phone REBOOTS every morning at 2am. Without fail.

Yesterday I received a new replacement phone (despite promptings from tech support that I was eligible for a free Razor thanks.) and last night ...well, an hour and a half ago, 2am, the replacement phone rebooted and woke me up again.

I followed "advice" from tech support emails last week to do a complete wipe (factory reset) of the phone. Did not work.

I followed advice tonight from telephone tech support, to UNINSTALL every app. After I hung up with him, (he just "KNEW" it was a bad app) the phone started rebooting itself again. Did not work.

I called back tech support again, this time the guy(??not sure it was a guy) said he was sending a "refresh" to my phone. So far, at 3:36am, the phone has not rebooted. I will not know if it works, as it appears to be the most annoying 2AM hour that the reboots started happening. Tech support laughed, yes laughed, at that. Hahaha! How freaking FUNNY to be awakened by a phone you had no problems with prior to downloading their software update!

To date, there are NO downloaded apps on this phone currently, other than what came pre-packaged. So far it has not rebooted. That is a STUPID workaround, and not an answer. I will install my SD card later, AFTER I get some sleep, and see if it reboots with apps installed again.

Factory resets, didn't work. Removing apps, didn't work. Whatever tech support sent to my phone to "refresh" it in the system ... may have worked.

This problem seems to have many theories behind it (VZW actually has caused the problem because they no longer generate revenue from the Droid Incredible, they want you to "upgrade" and pay for something you get free now, they want you to renew into a new 2-year contract, etc).

I am reposting this issue because, unlike several threads I found, where VZW has closed/locked the thread, due to as they have said "issue is solved" ...


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I'm curious... is it just those of us who have the Incredible phone that have experienced this attack on our phones by Verizon or is it those of us with $15 data plans who will be forced to upgrade our plan to $30 data plans when we get our replacement phones with the new every two deal?  Verizon, this is no way to treat your loyal customers.


Interesting theory.   My Droid Incredible downloaded an update just prior to my phone number port being completed.  I'm seriosuly annoyed at the timing.  I've had it with the lack of support for this phone.  It took over a year to get the Gingerbread update.. then they screwed up the upgrade... then they screwed up the fix for the screwup.  Now... on the LAST DAY that I'm a Verizon customer, my phone slurps up another buggy "update" and I'm stuck in infinite boot loop hell.  All I really want to do at this point is recover some photos and data that I hadn't backed up yet.  I'm going contract free on a Nexus 4 and today's experince already seems to affirm that I made the right decision.  Pure Google, unlocked, paying less than 1/2 per month vs my previous plan.